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Meal: Natural and safe foods made of cereals and vegetables, all mixed with Hempseeds and Hemp oil.  We don't use any synthetic seasonings.  Dishes with fish as well.  Vegetables and Fishes are locally-grown.

* We are proud our vegetarian foods are good for even vegans, but we also serve fish and alcoholic drinks.  No-animal meat, milk, and oil are kept in any case.)


Dessert: Our dessert is based on the Macrobiotics.  All cakes are no-eggs, no-milk and no-white shuger.  We use Maple Syrup and/or Rice Syrup for the sweetness and our cheese cake is made of TOHU (soybeancurd).  Even Ice cream is 100% vegitable, that means Hemp Ice Cream.


Let me introduce some dishesOther a la carte items are shown on the menu at the house.

And we will make the foods on your requests, too.

Menu as of Nov. 2015

Tax is NOT inbluded.

Magokoro Plate of the Day


Main dish (choice of fish or vegetarian foods) served with Soup of the day, Seasonal salad, Steamed rice and a small Side dish

Hemp & Vegetable curry


7 spices and hemp, Option of Mild / Hot / Very Hot, served with soup.

Raw Shirasu bowl


Raw fish, served with a side dish, fish soup, Japanese pickles

Boiled Shirasu bowl


Boiled fish, served with a side dish, fish soup, Japanese pickles

* Half and half of the raw and boiled Shirasu is available for \200 extra.

* Shirasu is the young of the sardines. Clear color in the raw and White in the boiled. Famous products in Kamakura ocean, but Shirasu fishing is prohibited in winter.

Organic Spaghetti (Anchovy and Fennel)


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