Amanawa Shinmei Miya (Amanawa Jinja) 甘縄神明宮

It is said that Amanawa Jinja is the oldest shrine.  There are long outside stairs before the main building.  If my memory is correct, a shrine in Hakone (a hot spring resort in Japan) has the same kind of stairways.  Shrines probably fit nicely to the long stairways.  It's located near the great Buddha.


I would like to recommend the nature.  Kamakura area was a kind of natural fortress surrounded by mountains soon from the coast line.  I heard that it was one of the reasons why Shogunate could be successfully built.  The long hiking trails go to the several directions.  You can take either way of return to the same entrance or exit at the Genjiyama Park.  Sneakers are much preferable because some parts, but not so many nor long, are steep, muddy and slippery.


The ocean is great. We are receiving a lot of natural blessings.  Not only for the food ingredients, but we feel the healing power when just relaxing on the beach as well.  And...we enloy many kinds of marine sports there.



It's a fun to walk around here.  If you happen to see the free-market or any event at the Kaihin Park at the cross of the street from Kamakura Sta. and the route 134,  look around the stall stores.  Finding us there, feel free to talk to us, please.


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